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Our Pools in Corsica

To better guide you through your project, we have put together 3 packages, each targeting a specific type of customer in terms of needs and budget. Our packages also include the key elements that any pool renovation project should entail.

The first thing you need is an idea. This is an essential phase of pool design.

Before undertaking any job, our landscape expert will survey your site to get a feel of the existing atmosphere. We have a very pragmatic approach to pool design and construction where everything is thoroughly thought out ahead of time. Depending on the available space and your ideas, we will design your garden or pool to complement your chosen theme.

In particular, installation of your outdoor artefacts are optimized to integrate the surrounding landscape and fit your lifestyle and budget.

For example, we consider the underground water sources, cables and rocks in the renovation zone and surrounding area. We also take into account the accessibility of the site, which can significantly affect the total cost of your project.

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In contrast to regions with temperate climates, in the Mediterranean, it is possible to find areas less exposed to the sun. For pools, this makes the water easier to maintain.

It is also important to make sure that some areas are in shade or protected from direct sunlight…

At Vert Turquoise, safety is one of the most important elements we take into consideration when implementing a project. Depending on the location of your pool, we will set up security systems, including barriers, walls, gates, access control systems and alarms. Rest assured that we will make sure you benefit from the best security resources.



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Our EcoPools represent a fast and efficient way of giving your home exterior a new look because they can be made to fit a wide range of budgets. The pools we sell are also designed for rapid installation.

Note that Vert Turquoise only uses the best materials to construct pools.


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If your idea of the perfect swimming pool is a timeless structure, then our SerenityPool is just what you need. They are built with patented and high quality materials.

Enter the world of concrete and timeless structures with the SerenityPool.


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True to its name, our DreamPool is just that- the pool that you always dreamed of. Rounded, square, trendy, or maybe with an infinite edge, you name it! Our DreamPools are created to perfectly match your wishes and feature coatings specially designed by Vert Turquoise.

With our DreamPools, turn your dreams into a reality!

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